Welcome to Peace Cove's town website!

Welcome to the Peace Cove's town website. This town is the the builder buddies game. In this website you can read the town info or learn the builder buddies tutorial. More coming soon.

Want to get a plot in Peace Cove?

Ask Nicey Boy, the mayor of Peace Cove. The plot price is around $100-200  because the town is small and the plot demand is really low.

BB Tutorial

Want to learn about the game? Read this page

Builder Buddies News

I also updates Builder Buddies News and Updates! Check it out!


Diamond Falls Website, Run by Torrapicus Termite (Kevin Jay) Read his tutorials and Diamond Falls Town Info: Here



I seen Torrapicus Termite video about Deep Ocean Quicksand, so, I've went there and (unlike him) set some LIGHTS so in this video we can see about the deep ocean quicksand